Silver Bow Kiwanis

About the Kiwanis Club of Silver Bow, Butte

Silver Bow Kiwanis is one of the three currently active Kiwanis clubs in Butte, Montana. Our two local sister clubs are Big Butte Kiwanis and Sunrise Kiwanis. Working along with the Anaconda Kiwanis club, we strive to serve our part of Montana with projects to help the children of our communities, and to sponsor organizations that will help nurture the next generation of responsible leaders.

Our members are active business people in our community and the enthusiastically retired. We welcome other members of our community to join us at our meetings on Tuesdays at noon at Perkins here in Butte if you're interested in learning more about Kiwanis and Kiwanis activities in this area. We also welcome other members of the Kiwanis Family who are going to be in the Butte area to stop in and say, "Hi!"

Community Service in Butte, Montana

Silver Bow Kiwanis is primarily a service organization. There are several service organizations in Butte, Montana, serving our community and making Butte and Silver Bow County a better place to live for all the members of our community.

Other nation-wide and international service organizations in Butte, Montana include Lions, Rotary, and Exchange clubs - plus, of course, the other Kiwanis clubs mentioned above. There are also a number of local community service organizations, each working in their own way to make Butte, Montana a better place for everyone.

About Kiwanis

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. As of June 2009 there were approximately 600,000 adult and youth members of the various Kiwanis organizations world-wide, providing service in 70 different countries.

Donation Requests

If you would like Silver Bow Kiwanis to consider a donation to your organization, please complete our donation request form and return it to us by mail at Silver Bow Kiwanis, P.O. Box 4296, Butte, MT 59702, by email to, or by bringing it to one of our weekly club meetings.