Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Committees

Silver Bow Kiwanis has a number of committees to help manage the club and our service projects and other events, and to help us to do the best we can to change the world one child and one community at a time.


The Audit Committee is convened when necessary to perform an audit of the club's books. Unlike the other committees, the Audit Committee cannot consist of members of the board.

Community Service

This committee should implement projects on the arts, business affairs, citizenship, civic improvement, community beautification, conservation, health, international understanding, literacy, public affairs, safety or help for senior citizens and disabled persons.

The community service committee of Silver Bow Kiwanis coordinates service activities including highway and lot cleanups, blood drives, recycling efforts, and Kiwanis one-day events.

Community Service: Major Emphasis

The Major Emphasis sub-committee of the Community Service committee focuses on our major service projects or special community focus for the year.

Doug Ingraham, Community Service: Major Emphasis Chair

Fund Raising

The fund raising committee is responsible for coordinating fund raisers and securing the funds necessary for the Club to continue to operate and to meet our goals and obligations. This committee coordinates our annual raffle and various food vending opportunities.

Meeting Committee: House

The house committee is responsible for the preparation of our meeting space each week, and returning that space to good condition when our meeting adjourns.

Tim Rogers, Meeting Committee: House Chair

Meeting Committee: Interclubs

The Interclub sub-committee of the House committee schedules activities between Silver Bow Kiwanis and other Kiwanis organizations in the area, from our own SLP organizations to the nearby (or maybe not-so-nearby) Kiwanis clubs.

Meeting Committee: Programs

The program committee is responsible for scheduling the program at our weekly meetings, including arranging for speakers, insuring that the speaker's needs can be met, and introducing speakers or other programs. This committee chair changes monthly to help insure varied and diverse programs.

Meeting Committee: Socials

Schedule and arrange social events for the club, member's families, and members of the community.

Membership & Growth: Recruiting

This committee’s main goal is to increase membership. The committee should consider all membership applications and submit its recommendations to the board of directors. The committee also should develop an effective orientation and induction ceremony for new members and promote regular attendance by all members at club meetings.

Membership & Growth: Retention

The Retention sub-committee of the Membership & Growth committee is responsible for keeping exsiting members engaged in our club and our activities, and retaining membership already on the rolls.


The nominating committee is responsible for nominating new officers for election by the club membership, and for appointing new officers when an officer needs to leave the board for any reason. Generally the nominating committee is chaired by the President Elect and consists of the President and one other board member.

Jessica McGee, Nominating Chair

Public Relations and Publicity

The public relations committee is responsible for helping to ensure that the public receives, through the media and other means, news about meetings, events, service projects, fundraisers, goals, programs and achievements of the club.

Sponsored Leadership Programs

The SLP committee devises ways and means to establish and support Kiwanis-Family clubs and programs in the schools in Butte and the Silver Bow County area in Montana, and promotes and encourages the Service Leadership Programs in our community. The committee should include the Kiwanis club advisors to our sponsored K-Family clubs.

Keith Seyffarth, Sponsored Leadership Programs Chair