Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Membership

Silver Bow Kiwanis has many diverse members living and working in the Butte, Montana area and in Silver Bow and surrounding counties. Here are some or our roughly sixty members who are proud of their affiliation with Silver Bow Kiwanis.

If you're a current or past member of Silver Bow Kiwanis and would like to have your information listed here, or would like to be able to post your pictures of Silver Bow Kiwanis events from the past, please create an account.

Current Members

  • Bill Andersen
    • Office: 1 (406) 497-6219
  • Photo of Kt Andersen, Silver Bow Kiwanis Current Member Kt Andersen
    • Mobile: 1 (406) 565-0149
  • Shane Ford
    • Office: 1 (406) 496-3160
    • ReBath
  • Jack Hanley
    • Office: 1 (406) 723-5200
    • rountown
  • Photo of Doug Ingraham, Silver Bow Kiwanis Current Member Doug Ingraham
  • Photo of Jessica McGee, Silver Bow Kiwanis Current Member Jessica McGee
  • Photo of Paul Tash, Silver Bow Kiwanis Current Member Paul Tash
  • Photo of Paul F. Vang, Silver Bow Kiwanis Current Member Paul F. Vang
    • Phone: 1 (406) 494-5736
    • Mobile: 1 (415) 994-2974
    • Freelance outdoor writer

Inactive Members

  • Photo of Tim Rogers, Silver Bow Kiwanis Inactive Member Tim Rogers

Former Members

Also remember you can keep in touch with your fellow Silver Bow Kiwanis members through our mailing list. The mailing list is also used to communicate updates and schedule changes to our subscribers.