Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Jul 31, '18

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today we were joined by Paul Richardson, the new Assistant Principal at Butte Central High. We were also joined by Cathy's grand-neice Kyndal. Past Montana District Division 3 lieutenant Governor, Jim Greene, and his friend Bob Androzzi from the Anaconda Club were also there. Jim announced that he will be running for Governor Elect, and would like us to consider supporting him.

Cathy let us know that the playgrounds committee will be meeting at Walkerville Park at Ryan Rd. and Walkerville Dr. tonight at 5:30 to evaluate that park and then continue on to the other two parks on our list: Crystal Street and Rikki Park. We will then get together to discuss what we can do to help these parks in the next few weeks.

Keith reminded us that school is starting soon, and we are still looking for a Faculty Advisor for the Butte Central Builders' Club. Also, the Key Club is going to work on the flower beds at the High School Friday and Saturday, starting at 9am both days. We could use additional volunteers, if anyone is available. The more we have, the faster the project will go.

Cathy reminded us about An Ri Ra and their need for volunteers. The annual Irish festival is the 10-12th of August this year.

Stef reminded us of the Dress a Child event coming up on August 28.

Eric let us know that the Butte 100 happened again. With the cooler weather, the riders had a better time, and were in better spirits and looked better when they got to the last Aid Station. To give an idea of how grueling and challenging the race really is, of the 72 people who started the 100 mile race, 45 finished. And these are strong athletes who are registering for this event.

Dave Curry introduced Rocky Lyons, the director of the Butte Rescue Mission.

Rocky thanked us for the use of the trailer so they could sell fireworks, and commented on the hot and taxing work that goes into firework sales - and monitoring the trailer and truck when they were closed. She also thanked us for all the work we do in the community and the assistance we have provided the Rescue Mission in the past.

The Rescue Mission has been in operation in Butte for 42 years. For 41 years, they operated out of a residential property on 2nd St. In that facility they housed single men on the lower floor, and single women, single parents with children, and intact families on the upper floor. She believes this is the only Mission in the country to house intact families together.

As a faith-based shelter, they do not receive any Federal or State financing.

When they closed their shelter, they were feeding over 100 people per day and sleeping 46-50 each night.

Since Jan spoke to us in February, the Mission has closed on the property at 610 East Platinum. This is a good location because they are centrally located, they have room to expand and provide better services and additional services, and they are somewhat isolated from residential and commercial properties.

Currently, getting shelter and food available is their priority, and they hope to have that available by October 8 of this year. The refurbishing of the warehouse on the property and providing Bible study, life skills, addiction support, job skills, parenting, budgeting, and other classes and services will be part of phase 2.

The county has put some requirements on the Mission occupying their property with a shelter, but Rocky believes these are standard for any new construction. For example, they have to connect to the sewer system and they have to install sidewalks and curbs. They also have to plan for water retention and drainage.

The Mission already owns the two housing units they will install on the property, they just need to have everything in place so the units can be moved in.

To finance this project, Town Pump has committed a $200,000 matching fund. If the community can bring up the other $200,000 needed, the project is funded. Please promote this to your friends and neighbors. Dave Curry has challenged the club - he will match the first 10 people from the club to bring in $100 each.

The annual budget for the old shelter was $360,000. Rocky believes that the new facility will have lower energy costs, even though it is a larger facility. But even considering that, she hopes to get to a $450,000 yearly budget to include additional and expanded services.

Rocky Lyons, Butte Rescue Mission
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