Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Jun 14, '11

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Larger map and driving directions

Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Jack introduced Elyse from the Butte Exchange Club. Elyse is a retired chemical engineer who formerly worked for Resodyne here in Butte.

The Field of Honor is being put together locally by the Butte Exchange Club is is part of the Healing Fields organized by the Healing Fields Foundation. The field will have 1,000 flags and will be in front of the Belmont Mine just off Shields uptown. The flags will be up from the evening of July 6 until the afternoon of July 10. This is a community project to honor our heroes.

Volunteers are needed to help put flags up on July 6 and to help take flags down on the 10th, and volunteers will also be needed to man the information booth and to act as escorts through the field.

Within the field are two special section; one is the Circle of Honor, honoring fallen Montana service men and women, and the other is 49 Blue Ribbon flags to recognize the 49 confirmed cases of child abuse in Silver Bow County.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations in the Butte area are encouraged to sponsor or buy flags. the proceeds will go to big Brothers Big Sisters or Butte, the Butte Family YMCA, the Butte Rescue Mission, and the United Veteran's Council. For more information or to donate, visit

After Elyse was finished, Keith updated us on the web site. Almost all the members at today's meeting had been to the web site at least once since it went up over a year ago. We've had 395 visitors to the site in March, 338 in April, 395 again in May, and 207 so far in June. On average, over the last year, we have 24 more visitors each month. The most popular thing to look at on the site are the pictures, but then there are a lot of pictures, thanks to Paul, Jack, and others who have provided photos. Google currently reports having 383 pages indexed on our site! The most popular search terms are Butte Kiwanis, Silver Bow Kiwanis, Montana Kiwanis Club and similar terms, but people also search for our events, such as the Bike Rodeo and EliMiNaTe. Some people are also finding our club web site by searching for club members by name.

Among the many things club members can do at our site are read announcements, post announcements (if you're a board member), view and add photos, learn about our committees, find us on Facebook or YouTube, or post your Kiwanis story.

Keith also passed around drafts of the brochure the board has been working on for a few months. We hope to get them printed soon.

Lee then announced that the Butte Plaza Mall has donated two years of rent to the Butte Public Library to help keep the South Branch of the library open.

Also, Doreena announced a board meeting next Monday at 7:00am at Perkins.

Elyse Lewis, Field of Honor
Bacon and Eggs with hash Browns and Muffin
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2:38 Tuesday, June 14, 2011