Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Jun 12, '12

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Doreena announced that this week we have our monthly board meeting, then went right on to introduce Josh Peck, the Festival Coordinator for Uptown Butte.

The first festival we have coming up this summer is the Courthouse Centennial. Events start on June 30 with a ball in the courthouse rotunda - in 1890-1912 attire. On July 1 there will be tours of the courthouse and the county gallows will be on display. the celebration culminates on July 3 with a re-dedication ceremony at 4:00pm.

Of course, we also have the fireworks on the 3rd, as well as several bands coming to play. Josh recommended watching the fireworks from the new Mountain Con park.

The Montana Folk Festival is scheduled for July 13-15 across much of Uptown Butte. The theme is transportation, and the festival will include a car show. To better serve attendees, there is a new stage on Broadway to allow more room for kids and family activities in the family area.

After that we have Evel Kenevel Days, An Ri Ra and the county fair.

In the fall we have Butteober Fest scheduled for September 29, and they are looking at scheduling an event in August to celebrate the microdistillery.

Dorothy Czuhera then talked about volunteering for the Montana Folk Festival. One of the biggest needs is for Ambassadors - formerly the "bucket Brigade." These people go around the festival grounds collecting donations in their locked red buckets, but also handing out programs, providing directions, and generally assisting festival goers. The ambassadors provide a face to Butte, and it is important that they leave a positive impression of friendliness and helpfulness to encourage people to return again (as well as to make a donation).

Josh and Dorothy explained how the buckets are locked and secured, and there are only two tools that can open the buckets. Also, each bucket is numbered, the buckets are assigned to a stage area (and when out are assigned to a specific ambassador). In addition, each bucket is lined with a numbered liner. When ambassador shifts change, the used buckets are returned to the backstage area where they were issued and signed in. A backstage staff member then stays with the locked buckets until the security team arrives to open the buckets, seal the liners under witness, and take them all to the accounting room. The only people who can handle the money directly once it is dropped in a red donation bucket, is the certified accountant and her bonded staff. This complexity is to protect both the ambassadors and the funds raised.

In addition to the ambassadors, the Montana Folk Festival needs volunteers as artist buddies, backstage hospitality, beverage servers, CD sellers, beverage and ice transporters, cart drivers, information booth attendees, merchandise sales, and performer and volunteer checkin.

If you want to apply, you can complete a volunteer form at

Josh Peck, County Festival Coordinator
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