Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Aug 21, '12

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today we had Jeremy from the Tester campaign stop by to let us know there is a fund raiser luncheon and opportunity to question the Senator coming up on August 30 at the Country Club. Lunch is $10, but there is no charge for attendance.

Keith reminded us of the picnic next week. It's at the Mountain Con Mineyard Park, just east of Main Street on the way to Walkerville. The main parking lot is at the east end of Pacific street adjacent to the Mountain Con headframe. There is also parking at the east end of Clear Grit Street just off Wyoming and at the east end of Buffalo one block off Main (but you have to walk up from either of these to the main park), or at the east end of Center Street (you'll have to walk down the hill to the picnic pavilion). We currently have 50 people on the list for the picnic. It will be great to see everyone.

We also have the first Tech football game coming up in two weeks. This is the Labor Day weekend game, and Tech's home opener. We're only responsible for the top gate this year. five people signed up to help and get into the game free!

Then Mark briefly introduced Kathy Griffith from the Food Bank. Kathy wanted to let us know all the new things the food bank is doing now, as well as update us with some statistics. Last year the Food Bank distributed 1.2 milliion pounds of food. That served 24,000 people, 6,405 of whom are children. In addition to the donations from individuals, large donations from businesses like WalMart, Safeway, Hennesey Market, Town Talk, and Wheat Montana help the Food Bank provide for those in need.

The Food Bank serves a steady 700 families a month, but gets 30-40 new applications each month. this indicates that people use the Food Bank when they need it, and when they are doing better are stepping away.

So far in 2012 the Food Bank has assisted 15,000 individuals including 3,500 children.

The Food Bank has started working with the Knights of Columbus to provide community meals. 860 people were served through this program in June. The Food Bank provides the main course, and the Knights of Columbus, with assistance from local merchants, provide sides. This program is looking for a new cook to work two days a week. If you know someone, have them contact the Food Bank.

The Food Bank is also looking to help children. They are already providing nutritious snacks for some after school programs to help keep kids focused and attentive. In addition, the Food Bank is working with Emerson, West, and Kennedy elementary schools on a backpack program to make sure that kids in need have food for their own meals over weekends during the school year. This is done carefully and discreetly so the kids don't have to be embarrassed by the donation.

The Food Bank is also working on a community garden to grow more produce. They are asking recipients to help in the garden so they can learn what they can grow themselves.

The Food Bank always needs donations in the form of money, food, and time. There are currently 100 volunteers who work at the Food Bank, twenty a day five days a week. They each have their own specialties and work together as a team to get everything done.

The three main drives for the Food Bank each year are the Thompson's Food Drive with Town Pump the first weekend in December, the Postal Worker's food drive in May each year, and the Turkey Tournament each September. This year's Turkey Tournament is coming up September 15 and is $670 to register - or $50 with a turkey! This raises funds specifically for putting together thanksgiving boxes for families in our area.

Cathy Griffith, New Food Bank Services
Steak and Mashed Potato
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