Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Dec 11, '12

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today we had a lot on the agenda. Matt, Michaela, and John joined us from the Circle K. Matt let us know that the drawing for their Holiday Care raffle will be held this Thursday at 5:30 in the SUB at Montana Tech. The drawing is part of their holiday party, which includes a white elephant gift exchange and a pot luck. Bring a dish and a wrapped gift under $10 if you plan to attend.

Roger's wife Marsha was here, and she and Roger reminded us of Sunrise Kiwanis' diner coupon books. If you are interested, please contact Roger.

Next Tuesday, December 18 is our Christmas Lunch. Please be sure to RSVP so Perkins can prepare appropriately. Thanks to Gene and Tammy for volunteering to decorate.

Also on December 18, the Aktion club has invited us to their Christmas Party at 4pm at the Mall (next to the office). It's a finger food pot luck and we are all invited.

The board has agreed to cover half of the costs for any Silver Bow Kiwanis teams signing up for the Lighten Your Load challenge through the Y.

Jackie introduced her friend and co-worker, Erica who was with us as well.

And, Merle let us know that he has accepted a job as a district manager in Nebraska and will be relocating at the end of the year. We're sorry to see him go, he has been a great help and an asset to the community and our club.

Roger also let us know that they had several kids from the East Middle School Builder's Club (sponsored by Sunrise Kiwanis) go to Wal-Mart to shop for children whose parents are in pre-release through 4Cs. They managed to get everything they needed for these kids that may not otherwise have gifts at Christmas and came in $3 under budget. Congratulations to the Builder's Club kids for helping with this project - and keeping a budget.

Then, finally, Lee had Leo draw one of the film canisters with raffle tags in it, and the winner was former Montana District Governor Ed Mangus of Helena. Betsy sold the winning ticket. We called Ed during the meeting, but he was unavailable. Roger will be following up with Ed.

Then Lee introduced Cathy to introduce Leo. Cathy pointed out that Leo is actually from Walkerville, so the lack of oxygen may explain some of his enthusiasm. This is Leo's first public speaking engagement since returning from California where he was honored by CNN as one of the top ten CNN Heroes of the Year for 2012, and was able to attend several days of training related to non-profits and charities. Reporter Shannon Davis of KXLF was present to report on Leo's presentation and his return to Butte.

Leo started by reminding us all of the tragedy that started Mariah's Challenge. His younger daughter Mariah was walking home from a friend's with two other girls her age for a sleepover. They were walking along Holly Lane when they were struck by an underage drunk driver. The driver left the scene and didn't do anything. Leo reminded us that our member Shane Ford stopped, called for help, and started doing what he could.

After Leo and his family returned from Missoula after donating Mariah's organs to those who needed them, many of Mariah's and Jenna's friends came over. Leo figured his message to never drink and drive, never drink when under age, and never get in the car with a drunk driver would reach maybe seven kids. Over the last five years they have honored 150 kids with $1,000 scholarships for taking - and upholding - Mariah's Challenge. Leo reminded us that the real heroes are those who are not driving drunk, those kids who are choosing not to go to the kegger, but to do something else. Mariah's Challenge is an opportunity for kids and parents to say "Yes," to something rather than always having to say "No." He displayed his CNN Heroes award, and stated that it was everyone in Butte and everyone who has accepted Mariah's Challenge who are the real heroes.

More information is available on the Mariah's Challenge web site.

Leo McCarthy, Mariah's Challenge
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