Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Mar 19, '13

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

We had Tyler, Nate, Connor, Kale, and Dillon, the incoming Key Club board visiting us from the Butte Central Key Club.

Lee let us know about the Egg Dying service event the Builder's Club is doing at the Marquis Vintage Suite next week right after our meeting, as well as their Ice Cream Social coming up late May. Also, our Silver Bow Kiwanis Bike Rodeo is coming up June 1 - that's not as far off as it sounds!

Lee then introduced Connor and Kale from the Key Club. Connor is the incoming president, and Kale is the incoming vice president. Connor read us the impressive list of awards the Key Club received at District Convention:

Eliminate Project Award: Bronze
K-Family Relations Award: Silver
K-Family Ties Award: Honorable Mention
Secretary's Reporting Award: Shailyn
Governor's Project Award: Gold
(Honorable Mention to Northey, Jim, Shalleen, Hannah, Kathryn, Madison, Riane, Shailyn, Mikayla, and Katie)
Distinctive Project Award (McDonald Family Place Christmas Tree Decoration): Gold
Service Hour Award: Bronze
Distinguished Members: Shaleen, Hannah, Riane, Kathryn, Katie, Desiree, and Shailyn
Four-Year Member Awards: Hannah, Riane, Northey, Shailyn, Shalleen, and Kathryn
Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor: Paul
Outstanding Treasurer: Kathryn
Outstanding Secretary: Shailyn
Outstanding President: Shalleen
Distinguished Vice President: Hannah
Best Caucus Award: Division 3 (includes Butte)
Achievement Report Award: Bronze
Sandy Nininger Award: Riane

Connor then turned the podium over to Kale, who told us about Paul's recognition as the Outstanding Advisor in the Montana District. Paul also let us see the plaque and pen the the Key Club presented to him at their meeting last Thursday.

Kale then turned the podium over to Dave to talk about their adventure getting to the Convention in Billings. He first let us know that there were about 300 kids there from across the state. And the district is considering moving the date a couple weeks later in the year to reduce the number of conflicts with other extra-curricular and athletic schedules.

Butte Central Key Club shares a bus with several other clubs in this part of the state, so they can keep costs down. When they were picked up, it was snowing here, but once they got to Whitehall, it was clear to Bozeman. Then it started snowing for the pass there, and on the other side, the regular Livingston winds. The winds were bad enough that as they passed the White Sulfur exit, a pickup topper blew across the highway in front of them. This, Dave said, was preparation for the dust storm between Park City and Laurel, and the freezing rain as they got into the hotel. And, as they got in, the power went out. The hotel staff was concerned about not being able to cook lunch for everyone, but they were able to put together sandwiches and everyone had a picnic in the large, mostly sunlit atrium at the hotel. The picnic was a great opportunity for the key Clubbers from all over the state to meet new friends and get re-acquainted with people they met at previous conventions.

Also, the Key Club is working with the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) on a upcoming service and safety project. Key Clubbers will monitor the parking areas around Butte Central after school in the upcoming weeks and tally the number of drivers using headphones, texting, using a cell phone, or not wearing a seatbelt. After they have collected data, they will receive large-format posters to hang on the exterior of the school related to driving safety issues. Then, next fall they will repeat the survey and observations to see if the signage has had a positive effect. Butte Central High is one of 105 schools in the state participating in this program.

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