Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, May 21, '13

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today Roger told us more about the Kiwanis International structure. There are over 80 districts worldwide, 30 of which are in North America, and two of those in Canada. Montana is one of the few states that is its own Kiwanis District. At the international level there is a CEO and staff, who are hired and salaried, but who serve at the discretion of the elected President and board, who serve as volunteers, though some of their expenses are paid. There are 9 divisions in the Montana District, though that may be changing this summer. Silver Bow Kiwanis is in Division three with Sunrise, Anaconda, Butte, and Dillon Kiwanis.

We had Adriana join us today, and Clari had his friend Doug Rykiel, the pastor at First Baptist Church as a guest.

Keith announced the Builder's Club Social tomorrow, the Builders would like us to serve ice cream at their social.

Shawn gave us an update on the Bike Rodeo, supplies are coming in, printing is completed, and Jackie set up an interview for Keith with Bobby recorded this morning to air next Wednesday at about 12:25 on KXLF. There should be another interview for the evening news coming up next week as well.

Mark has raffle tickets to help Baby Bowen, who is in special care in Seattle preparing for several special heart surgeries. If you want to buy a raffle ticket or just make a donation, please contact Mark.

Then Kristi introduced Noor Parwana, our speaker. Noor said she was very glad she came because the information on Kiwanis was useful to her, and she commented on bringing her "little" to the bike rodeo when she was working with Big Brothers Big Sisters and how great that was.

Noor is the new Coordinator for Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization a.k.a. Butte CPR. She brought copies of their most recent newsletter for each of us to provide some current information.

Butte/Anaconda is the largest National Historic Landmark District, followed by Savanah, GA. Butte CPR was founded in 1994 to provide historic improvement grants and education to help preserve this landmark district and much of the historic architecture here. Butte CPR strives to help work on historic structures to improve the streetscape, in hopes that as buildings are improved neighbors will follow suit. Since 1994, Butte CPR has provided $40,000 toward improvements through grants.

In addition, Butte CPR works on salvage efforts when buildings do need to come down. They are able to save windows, floors, heating and plumbing fixtures, and other historic components of buildings that can then be repurposed into new construction, or can be used in the restoration of similar structures. Much research is showing that it can be a savings long-term to restore an existing structure than to build a new structure, and this can help to save unique architecture. They have a sale coming up June 1 - check the paper for exact locations and times.

Butte CPR also provides for community education in redstoration and preservation. The annual "Dust to Dazzle" tour is coming up June 29 showcasing buildings at the beginning of a restoration or renovation and others that have been completed. In addition, Butte CPR has a stained glass tour, a historic home tour, a brick workshop (this year they are planning a course on repairing rubble foundations), historic window classes, historic building tours, and, of course, their web site at Butte CPR also has several publications available for download from their web site or for sale to help with your historic building restoration project.

Butte CPR also attends council meetings, makes recommendations to the URA and development board, and takes other actions to preserve the historic buildings and structures in our National Historic Landmark district.

Noor Parwana, Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization
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