Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Mar 4, '14

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

This week we were again joined by David from the Circle K.

Keith let us know that he is participating in the MDA Lockup to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association tomorrow. A donation form and envelope was passed around.

Keith also let us know that Tim's brother passed away this Sunday.

Builder's Club meets tomorrow at 12:30 in Miss Tutty's room at Butte Central Middle School. Key Club meets Thursday at the Butte Central High Library. Circle K meets Thursday at 6:20 in the Pintler Room in the SUB.

We have a board meeting this Thursday at 5:45 at Metals.

We also welcomed new member Eddie Zimpel today.

Mark asked us to consider ideas for a field trip for April. Please get ideas to the programming committee (Cathy, Kristi, and Jeremy) or Mark.

We are looking for an interclub coordinator - this person would be responsible for helping to organize when we visit other club meetings, working on socials between the areas Kiwanis clubs, and possibly helping organize joint service projects. If you are interested, please contact someone on the board or check in with Lee!

Kiwanis One Day is coming up April 5. We are looking for a service project for the day - especially one we can bring other clubs in on. Gene suggested repairing the benches along the walking trail from Father Sheehan Park to the Butte Chamber Visitors' Center. If you have other ideas, let someone on the board know.

Mark then brought up the question of what balances the membership believes the club should maintain in our accounts. We have a fundraising account used to support our sponsored youth organizations (Builder's Club, Key Club, Circle K), for donations to projects or organizations in the community (Boys and Girls Club, Butte Emergency Food Bank), and for our service projects (Bike Rodeo, Highway/Street Cleanups, Chamber Visitors' Center repairs), and we have an Administrative account used for international dues, weekly meeting expenses, and operational expenses. Dave brought up that many years ago the board decided to grow the fundraising account to have at least one year's budget in a maintenance balance so if we had a fundraiser completely fail, we would still be able to operate the club and provide service to the community. The board for many years has maintained more than that balance by spending conservatively and through successful fundraising for several years.

Dave then reminded us that we were the first Model Club for the EliMiNaTe project, and that was a commitment to raise $43,500 over 5 years. Dave and Eva Curry committed to provide $16,000 of that, and have since increased their commitment to $25,000. So far, they have paid $15,000 of their commitment. Including that $15,000, our club has contributed $19,588 of our $43,500 commitment. Most of this has been provided through personal donations from current and former members.

When we agreed to become a Model Club, several members were concerned about depleting our reserves, so it was agreed that we would not spend any existing funds or funds from our normal fundraising activities for the EleMiNaTe project. However, 29% of the people we sell our raffle tickets to are Kiwanians. Using less than 29% of our ticket sales to contribute to the EliMiNaTe project should not bother our contributors, as Kiwanians should be familiar with major Kiwanis International initiatives like EliMiNaTe.

Dave has suggested that we make a one time contribution from our fundraising account of $10,000 toward our EliMiNaTe commitment, and at the same time undertake a significant and visible local service project (maybe like the bench project Gene has suggested) to have something local and visible to point out to people. Dave expects that he and Eva will make their next $5,000 payment in a similar time frame, and if we pay $10,000 and the Currys pay $5,000, that will bring our outstanding balance to just $3,900 - and two almost years to meet that goal.

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