Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Jun 10, '14

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Larger map and driving directions

Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today Cathy provided an update on the Kiwanis Formula from Kiwanis International. Cathy and Lee were among the 300 Kiwanians from the western US who met in Las Vegas this past weekend to discuss recruitment. Cathy is a Club Opener. Her role is to find places where there is a need for a new club and work on building that club. Lee is working on efforts to help clubs retain members and get new members.

Betsy then gave us an update on Key Leader. Their big challenge right now is transportation. A bus to get kids from Billings to the camp on Flathead Lake will cost around $5,000. In addition, there is about a $1,000 cost for meals during the trip and meals and lodging for the drivers during the camp. This expense helps get kids from Glendive, Miles City, Billings, Laurel, Bozeman, Belgrade, Butte, Helena, and Missoula to the camp. At this point there is not a transportation for the northern part of the state. The Key Leader does not want to have to charge attendees for transportation on top of the cost of the camp, so they are looking for donations and sponsors to help with this cost.

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