Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Oct 14, '14

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today we were joined by Reno from the Circle K and our friend David.

Keith reminded us of the K-Family meetings this week. Builder's Club is meeting Wednesday at 12:30 in Ms. Tutty's room at Central Middle School. Key Club is meeting at 11:56 in the Butte Central High School Library. Circle K is meeting Tuesday and Thursday nights in the Pintler Room in the SUB. The Circle K is trying two meetings a week to see if they can get more people coming to meetings, people are not expected to attend both meetings.

Keith also gave an update on the raffle. We have about 30 tickets turned in so far with payments. If you have tickets sold, remember you can bring them to Brandi at the Hampton Inn, get them to Keith, or bring them to a meeting and give them to Keith, Kristi, or Cathy.

The election is coming up in three weeks. Make sure you are registered to vote, and informed on the candidates and issues.

Cathy will be going to the Sunrise meeting in the morning. If you can, please join her to talk about collaborative projects and maybe sell some more raffle tickets.

Today's meeting was about our committees. We want to make our committees more active this year, and would like everyone to participate in a committee of interest to them.

Keith talked about the Fundraising committee. Our current push is the Holiday Raffle, of course. The funds we raise through this forms the basis of our budget for the year. However, we have some ambitious goals this year, so we will need ideas on other fundraising. Grant writing is one aspect of fund raising that our club has not used in recent memory, and may help us with our major projects.

Jeremy talked about the Major Emphasis committee he is chairing. We hope to start with refurbishing the playground at Greeley School, and move from there to one or two other parks this year where we can rehabilitate, refurbish, or replace the playground equipment.

Dave talked about the 100 Year Celebration committee, which encompasses PR and Communication. We want to make the community more aware of Kiwanis and in particular Silver Bow Kiwanis and what we bring to the community. We want to make the division and district more aware of our club's contributions, and we want to make International more aware of what we are doing in Butte.

Jess talked about the Service Committee, and our Bike Rodeo. She is working on a planning guide for the Bike Rodeo to facilitate her taking that over, but also to hand off to the next person. Our Bike Rodeo next year is set for May 30. We are also looking for other service projects we can take on to impact the community.

RuthAnne talked about our SLP Committee. She is looking for people who want to work with her and the Service Leadership Programs. We need to make sure our SLP clubs are getting what they need from us, and that we are aware of what they are doing.

Cathy talked about the House Committee. We are looking for someone to chair that committee which will take care of what happens at meetings and socials. We hope to have the first and third weeks of any given month set aside as programs, where someone will come to the club and talk to us about something going on in the community, something we can help with, an interesting service or business, or something else to entertain and educate meeting attendees. On the second meeting of the month, we will be looking at committee reports, board reports, or SLP reports. These can vary from members or advisors from a SLP group telling us about their past successes or upcoming projects, to reports from committees on their progress and can be entertaining as well as informative. The fourth meeting of the month we hope to have a social. This may be a field trip at noon, a fun meeting at our normal time and place, or an evening get together for members, families, and friends. Look for Jeremy and Dave's plans for the fourth week of October!

Cathy also talked to us about the membership committee. We should all look to friends, coworkers, colleagues, clients, or family members that we can recruit to the club. The more members we have the easier all our projects will be, from fundraising to neighborhood cleanups. And the funner our socials will be.

If any of these committees sound like fun to you, or of interest to you, or if you want to be influential in what the club is doing or how we are doing it, please let any board member know, or talk to one of those who spoke about a committee.

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