Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Apr 28, '15

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Tom Bray, a former member of Silver Bow Kiwanis joined us for lunch today, along with David and Reno from the Circle K.

Reno let us know that the Circle K is not having their regular meeting tonight, but is having a board meeting at 7. Keith let us know that Builder's Club is meeting tomorrow at 12:30 in Miss Tutty's room at the Middle School, and Key Club has their installation of officers on Thursday at 11:56 in the Butte Central Library.

Doug let us know that the playground project is moving forward. This Saturday from 9 to 3 we are cleaning up the Greeley property so that the county can get in to evaluate what needs to be done to get the playground section of the property included in the county insurance through Parks and Recreation.

Gene apologized to us that our planned speaker was unable to make it, and let Gene know last week. Instead, Gene called on several members of the club to educate us on what is going on in the community and in their lives.

Mark O'Neill was first. Mark recently left Wells Fargo and has moved to First Citizens where he now works with Kristi. His oldest daughter has temporarily moved back in with the parents until graduation, when she is planning to move to Great Falls with her boyfriend.

Dave Curry let us know that his last job pulled out of Montana, and he has looked at a number of opportunities since then, primarily looking for an Executive Director position with a non-profit or charitable organization. what he finally settled on is being an independent travel agent.

Dave also let us know that he had his worst call related to the EliMiNaTe project recently. The contract with the consulting firm they are working with expires at the end of June, but the EliMiNaTe campaign doesn't end until the end of the year. The committee is evaluating extending the contract with the consultant, or handing the funds, management, marketing, etc. over to the current committee chair. The vote on the telephone board meeting was 4 to 4, so they need to reconvene to determine what to do.

Mark Reavis let us know that he came to Butte fresh out of college. He had submitted resumes to several architecture firms in western Montana, but not in Butte when he was graduating, and was hoping for a call or letter. He got a call from a Butte firm who asked if he had his degree and if he could draw. Mark confirmed both, and asked for the date of the interview, and was told this wasn't a call for an interview, it was a call for a job and when could he start...

Sunvee let us know that she is the eldest of three, Jeremy being her brother. She has two kids, one in high school and one in middle school. She works at Glacier Bank as a lender and really enjoys her work. Also, Ozzy, her husband, is an avid runner, and you will see him running all around town any time of year.

Betsy let us know that she is 13 months away from being able to retire from NorthWestern, though she may not retire right away when she becomes eligible. She is sorry that she missed our 100 year celebration dinner, but she was in Okinawa visiting her daughter. In fact, she and her husband Larry were on the plane to Okinawa for their 40th anniversary.

Betsy is the Key Leader Chair and the Master Instructor for the Montana District of Kiwanis, and thanks to Kt, Betsy's oldest daughter, AmyJo, may be finally joining our club. Betsy has 6 grandkids, the oldest graduated high school last year and the youngest is 5.

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