Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, May 12, '15

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Larger map and driving directions

Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today we were joined by David and Reno of the Circle K.

Keith announced that the Builder's Club is meeting tomorrow, and Reno will be presenting to them about Key Club, Circle K, and Key Leader. Betsy will provide Key Leader applications for the 8th graders. Key Club has a board meeting Thursday at 11:56 in the dormitory at Butte Central High.

Kristi has applications for the Life Flight memberships. We need payment from the first ten (at least) to get our group account set up. Cathy and Kristi would like to have those by next week. Once our group is set up, we will be able to add additional members as applications come in.

Kristi also reported that Shea is doing well, Mark stopped in the office today briefly, Angie is still in Billings. They are looking for a speech therapist in the Butte area to start work with Shea as soon as she is out of the hospital. We passed around a card for Shea.

Kristi also has forms for ACH payments for dues, so if you wish to have your dues automatically deducted from your checking account, talk to Kristi and get one more thing off your plate!

Kt and Keith brought in a copy of the phone list which is available on the web site at a .pdf. Please check your information and make sure it is correct and current. You can log in to the web site and download this phone list if you need to contact another member of the club.

Today's program was committee reports, to make sure everyone in the club is aware of what is going on and what the board is doing.

First was Community Service. Jess was not able to attend today, but she sent Keith a report. The Bike Rodeo is coming together. Posters will be available soon, we have requested approval of the slips for the schools. Keith, Kt, and Jess are getting together to update the report cards and the bike checkup sheets. Pizza and soda are ordered. The space is confirmed. Jess is checking with Bill Melvin about using some tables and chairs from the Civic Center. Remember, we need volunteers for this event - remind all your fellow Kiwanians, but also bring family and friends to make sure this goes well!

Keith reported for the Fundraising committee that Kt will be transitioning into the lead position on the Holiday Raffle this year. If you are interested in helping out, please let her know.

We did not have a report for the House/Program committee.

Sunvee reported for Major Emphasis. We did a lot of work at the Greely School site getting the space ready for the city/county to come in and evaluate the space to get their insurance to cover it as a public space. The sprinklers are being fixed, and the grass seed is ready to plant.

Sunvee also reported for the Membership committee. We have a "drive to 55" campaign to tie in to our club's 55th birthday in June. Sunvee has a birthday cake with one candle for each member, and we want to hit 55 members by July - so bring your friends, colleagues, coworkers, family members, etc... Bring them to the Bike Rodeo to see what we do there and to help out, bring them to our meetings to meet us, and get them membership packets so they can sign up. Lets get 55 candles on the cake!

Dave and Paul reported for the PR/100 year committee. Dave reported that the event went well, despite people sneaking around behind his back to roast him rather than Amanda Curtis... Paul let us know that he is still waiting on quotes and responses on the draft press release he sent to the board. He will get new quotes next week, and will update it with the SLP recognition event and other events coming up.

In RuthAnne's absence, Keith reported on the SLP (Service Leadership Programs) committee. We have set a date for our Builder's Club and Key Club recognition event - it's June 16th. It will be a pot luck and burger barbecue at Clark Park. We'll have certificates for the kids. Key leader is coming up, and Betsy needs people registered. There need to be 60 kids from the district in order to have the camp.

Committee and Playground Reports
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