Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, May 19, '15

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today we were joined by David from the Circle K.

Keith let us know about the Builder's Club Ice Cream Social tomorrow at Butte Central Middle School in Ms. Tutty's room at 12:30. The Builder's Club will be totalling their hours for the year.

Key Club is also meeting Thursday at 11:56 in the Butte Central High Library. They will meet again (without the seniors) next week.

Jess reminded us that the Bike Rodeo is coming up. Remember to bring other volunteers we have a short list of volunteers signed up so far, and need a lot more. Remember to wear your Kiwanis shirts, and if you are bringing non-Kiwanians (family, friends, etc.) to help, ask them to wear royal blue if they can.

Sunvee reminded us to vote for our playground project on Facebook to get funding from International. We are currently in 11th place, and the tom ten go on to the finals...

Sunvee also reminded us of the Drive to 55 membership drive. We want to get to 55 members by the end of summer. Bring your friends, bring your colleagues, bring people interested in service - have them help at the Bike Rodeo, help with our playground projects, and come to our socials and meetings. If we get to 55 members by Cathy's birthday, most of the board will be participating in a dunking booth where you can dunk them!

Cathy then introduced Dave Stonehocker of Butte Central Schools. For 12 years, Dave has been the Faculty Advisor for the Butte Central Key Club in addition to being the admissions officer, HR director, speech and debate coach, and managing the international student programs for Butte Central.

This past fall Dave was one of 125 educators in the US chosen by the Hanban Confucius Institute in Beijing to come to China and learn about education in China. The Hanban Confucius Institute's mission is to preserve Chinese history and culture.

Dave got to visit a school in Tai'an City in northern China for a day. The school day starts at 7am and ends at 10pm, but students have a two hour break for lunch since they do not have school transportation or a school cafeteria. There were 6,500 students in the school Dave visited, which was Pre-K through 11 (equivalent of Head Start through 12 here), but this is a fairly small school as there are three year high schools that have as many students.

International students in the US and in Montana provide a financial boon to their communities and the schools they attend, whether they are high school or university students. There are roughly 1,400 exchange or international students in Montana during the school year, and that brings millions of dollars into the state.

In addition to the normal exchange students, this August Butte Central will be hosting 12 middle school students from China for two weeks in an intensive immersion program, both with classroom experiences and cultural experiences.

Dave Stonehocker, China Trip
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