Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Jul 7, '15

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today for President Cathy's birthday, we were joined by Clark Grant, Station Manager for KBMF, Jim Greene of Anaconda Kiwanis and the Lt. Governor of Division 3, and Anthony Missori of the Montana Tech Circle K (soon to be member of Silver Bow Kiwanis).

Jim reported to us that the District wants a report for each division at the District Conference in August.

Cathy reminded us of the board meeting this Thursday. She is planning a barbecue, so it will be held at a to be disclosed location.

Keith reminded us that the Montana Folk Festival is coming up this weekend, and they are still in need of volunteers. At this time Ambassador volunteers are needed Saturday evening at the Original and at the Dance Pavilion, and help is needed for most shifts on Sunday. Call Keith or email to sign up as an ambassador, or visit to sign up for other volunteer opportunities.

Dave reminded us that there is a standing invitation on July 3rd to come to his and Eva's home to watch the fireworks. He apologized for not reminding people before the third this year.

Betsy reminded us of the Key Leader camp this August. We have 25 kids signed up so far, but we need to have at least 60 to hold the camp. If you know a child going into 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade that may be interested, direct them and their parents to to sign up. There is at least one unclaimed scholarship for a student from Butte...

Cathy reminded everyone who paid for a Zeller Award with the EliMiNaTe project to contact her if you have not received your recognition. We need to get the list back to International to make sure the lists are correct. Please get your information to Cathy by Thursday.

For today's program, Cathy went around the room gathering information from all of us about our Kiwanis experiences. First she asked why each of us joined Kiwanis.
Tim joined because he was strong-armed by Roger and some others.
Paul V. joined because he met Kiwanis sponsors at a 4-H event when he was a youth, and when he had an opportunity to join Kiwanis as an adult, followed through.
Dave C. joined because he found our group to be fun and sarcastic at his first meeting (where he was a speaker).
Shawn joined because he was asked by Ray Ueland.
Gene joined because Rick Philips, Roger Baker and some others pressured him into it.
Paul T. joined because he had been involved in Key Club and Circle K, and then was invited to Kiwanis by Shawn.
Betsy joined because Dave L. brought her to lunch shortly after Kiwanis became a co-ed organization.
Claude joined because his boss invited him to a Kiwanis meeting. He was then almost immediately president three times back-to-back.
Keith joined because he was encouraged to join a service organization when starting a new business, and Kiwanis was a first choice since he was in Key Club in high school.
Kristi joined because her employer wants a presence in a community service organization, and Cathy Curran and Betsy brought her to a meeting.
Cathy joined because she loved JCs and wanted to be involved in a service group.
Aaron joined because when he and his wife moved to town they didn't know anyone, so they made a lifestyle of joining any group of interest. He was brought to Kiwanis by DJ when he was buying DJ's practice.
Brandi joined because she liked what Kiwanis did when she was recruited by Sunrise Kiwanis, but she was unable to make their meeting time.
Kt joined because Keith made her, and her kids are active in Key Club.
Steph joined because her boss made her.

Cathy then asked us what we loved about Kiwanis.
Dave C. loves that we are involved in world-wide projects like IDD and EliMiNaTe.
Claude loves the people in Kiwanis.
Steph loves that we are oriented to helping kids - it's easy to get behind.
Paul loves the opportunities that Kiwanis offers.
Brandi loves the connections you can make in Kiwanis and that people in Kiwanis do more for the community.
Tim loves the friends he has made in Kiwanis
Kristi loves the projects we do and the involvement in the community.
Betsy loves the camaraderie in the club, in the District, and Internationally. She loves that Kiwanis has expanded her view of the world.
Anthony loves the overall desire to make the world better, and the camaraderie.
Keith loves the SLP groups and working with the kids.
Gene loves that projects begin in Butte where we can see and feel the results.
Kt loves that she can give back to the community and her neighbors.
Jim loves the big projects, like the tree planting project that brought him into Kiwanis - community projects that get kids involved and require real effort.
Aaron loves the relaxing meetings and socials, and the entertaining and educational programs and speakers.
Shawn also loves the presentations and the presenters.

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