Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Jul 14, '15

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today we were joined by Montana District Governor Alida Wright.

Cathy let us know that the board is asking the membership to vote to increase dues by $5 per person - that would make the dues $40/month for individual or corporate memberships and $20/month for associate/spousal memberships or inactive memberships. This increase is in response to increased meal costs over the last few years and increases in both District and International dues.

In addition, Cathy red us the recommended slate of officers as proposed by the nomination committee. The officers would be Cathy Tutty as past president, Shawn Ori as president, Sunvee Rosenleaf as president elect, Jess McGee as vice president, and Kristi Scott as Treasurer. Directors would be Keith Seyffarth replacing RuthAnne, Jeremy Fleege re-elected to his position, Steph Johnson stepping into the director position vacated by Jess McGee. Doug Ingraham and Dave Curry are mid-term and would continue in their positions. This leaves one director position vacant to be appointed by the board from the membership. Kt Andersen would be appointed secretary.

Kristi reminded us that EFT is now available for your dues payments. Please let her know if you would like the paperwork to get that set up. EFT will allow your dues to automatically be paid on the 15th of the month each month.

Cathy reminded us that Montana District Convention is the first weekend in August.

Betsy let us know that they are now up to 40 kids registered for Key Leader this fall. She needs at least 60 kids to hold the camp. Please get kids registered. There is still scholarship money available to help cover costs, and Silver Bow Kiwanis has donated another $1,000 to help cover expenses, whether that's toward transportation costs or covering more kids' expenses it at the discretion of the Key leader organizers.

Keith let us know that attendance was strong at the Folk Festival and that fundraising seemed to go well, though there are not any official numbers on either available yet.

Silver Bow Kiwnais is also sponsoring kids' activities at An Ri Ra this year as we did last year.

Cathy is planning a social at the end of august and asked everyone to provide the names of four people they know that could be members and should be invited.

Cathy then introduced Governor Alida. Alida first gave us an update on the EliMiNaTe project. With the vaccinations already out in the field, the frequency of death from MNT has been reduced from 1 every 9 minutes to 1 every 12 minutes. While we are still working on pledges, the money is coming in to fulfill existing pledges. Silver Bow Kiwanis was the first Model Club, and was among the first Model Clubs to meet their obligation.

From an International standpoint, a lot has been being done this year focusing on club growth, membership growth, and creating new clubs. Alida has been working in parallel on this looking at club maintenance - making sure that members stay in the organization and that clubs stay solvent and stable.

This year at District Convention, Alida is hosting a show and tell or bring and brag event where clubs are encouraged to bring their signature projects, socials, and fundraisers to share with other clubs in the district to help stimulate ideas and productivity n the District. Also at District Convention, the District will be recognizing World War I vets who are members of Kiwanis in Montana.

At the Key Club District Convention in April they raised $396 for the EliMiNaTe Project by passing around a tip jar at one of the dances. This was increased to $1,200 by raffling off a leaking, duct-taped inflatable dinosaur that had been passed around the convention. This was accomplished because the auction was a Tullock Lottery, where every bidder paid their own highest bid, though only the top bid got the dinosaur. Alida has also passed a jar around at all the clubs she visits, and has raised another $800 that way.

International Convention next year is in Toronto, so again travel expenses won't be too bad. Everyone is encouraged to consider attending at least one International Convention.

Cathy closed the meeting by showing us some shirts she picked up at International this year, which will be auctioned off to club members in August.

Alida Wright, Montana District Governor
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