Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Jul 28, '15

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today we were joined by former member Ed Kilgore.

Cathy again walked us through the nominated slate of officers and called for nominations three additional times. With no further nominations, she asked for discussion three times. With no discussion she called for a vote on the slate of officers as proposed by the nominating committee. There were many in favor and no members present who abstained, objected, or opposed. The executives as of October 1 will be Cathy Tutty as past president, Shawn Ori as president, Sunvee Rosenleaf as president elect, Jessica McGee as vice president, Kt Andersen as Secretary, and Kristi Scott as treasurer. The directors as of October 1 will be Jeremy Fleege, Keith Seyffarth, Doug Ingraham, Stef Johnson, and Dave Curry, with one space open to be appointed by the board after October 1.

Cathy also brought up the dues increase again. This is the third time the dues increase has been brought to the membership. The dues increase would raise our monthly dues by $5 for each member making individual and corporate memberships $40 per month and inactive and spousal/associate memberships $20 per month. Cathy reminded the membership that the board cannot find record of when the dues last went up, and that District and International dues have gone up, as has the cost of meals. The increase in dues does not completely cover the meal cost for members who attend all meetings, let alone their international or district dues, and the dues of inactive members no longer covers their international and district dues. There was a call for discussion. Kristi and Keith clarified that the dues increase would go into effect October 1 with the end of the Kiwanis year. Paul brought up that the previous dues structure had been $30 for dues and $5 as an additional charge to cover our commitment to the IDD project. Dave let us know that at the end of the IDD project several years ago it was decided to continue at the same rate, and the additional $5/month had been considered dues since that time. After discussion Cathy called for additional discussion three times before calling for a vote. Again there were many in favor and no abstentions, objections, or opposing votes. The dues will increase by $5/month in October.

Cathy then presented us all with Model Club pins. As the first model club in the world, and one of the first to meet our financial obligation to Kiwanis International for the EliMiNaTe project, we have received our pins, one for each member.

Cathy then notified us of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Colombia Gardens Carousel in Stodden Park tomorrow at 4:30.

Keith let us know about the BSB Crimestoppers National Night Out next Tuesday at 6 at McGruff Park. The Butte Central Key Club has been asked to help with kid's activities, and having some Kiwanians there to help out would be great too. set up is around 4:30.

September 12 is YMCA Day. There will be activities at the Y, and free access.

Remember District Convention is next weekend - just a week and a half away!

We have a board meeting next week. This has been moved to Wednesday evening instead of Thursday because of the district convention.

Our annual summer family picnic is scheduled for August 25 at Stodden Park at 6pm. We will not have our normal noon meeting that day.

Cathy is putting together an evening social for September 1, most likely in the Thornton Ball Room. We will not have our normal noon meeting that day either.

Cathy then introduced Frank Walsh, the Chair of the An Ri Ra Irish Festival in Butte.

An Ri Ra is again going to be free and again at the Original. The schedule has been set, and should be available from their web site soon.

In addition to the music and the kid's activities sponsored by Silver Bow Kiwanis, there are workshops on dance, language, and lace crocheting. There is an additional charge for the crochet workshop.

Music is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, they are having the 5k and 10k runs again on Saturday, and on Sunday there is an outdoor Irish Mass.

This year the Irish Festival is tied in with the Shriner's Convention, and the Shriners are providing transportation from the Civic Center to the Original.

An Ri Ra starts at 3 on Friday, and Mass is at 12:30 on Sunday.

There is a raffle again, with the grand prize being a trip through Ireland with the Elders. Other prizes are a week in Hawaii and a trip to a Notre Dame football game.

After Frank was done, Cathy presented him with a $1,000 check from Silver Bow Kiwanis to support Kid's Activities.

Frank Walsh, An Ri Ra
Country Club Melt and Fries
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8:49 Tuesday, July 28, 2015