Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Oct 27, '15

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Keith reminded us about the Key Club meeting on Thrusday at 11:56 in the Central High Library. Circle K is not meeting next week. However, Circle K is looking for a Kiwanis advisor. If you have questions about what this involves, check in with Paul Vang, who has been their Kiwanis advisor for several years. If you are interested in being the Kiwanis advisor, please let Keith and Shawn know.

Keith and Kt gave an update on the raffle. We have two weeks left to sell tickets. So far 33 tickets have been sold, which is fewer than the 50 tickets we need to sell just to cover the cost of the prizes! if you have sold tickets, please turn them in with the checks or cash so we can get them recorded. If you have not sold your tickets, Get Selling! If you do not have tickets to sell, we have plenty of extras.

Shawn then introduced Paul and Stayce from the 15-90 Search and Rescue. Paul has been with the SAR for many years. They started out as a standard wilderness search and rescue operation, and over the last few decades have evolved to be part of the disaster readiness plan for Butte-Silver Bow and the surrounding areas in southwest Montana.

Most of the expenses are paid by members of the SAR, including most of the equipment they have or use. Their annual budget is only $6,000.

They recruit new members regularly, and growing their team makes the team more diverse, more useful, more responsive, and faster. They have younger and older members, men and women, former military (even some former special operations servicemen), and former and current emergency workers. Their age ranges from 18 (nobody under the age of 18 can be a member in Montana, but there are some younger people anxious to join as soon as they are of age) to over 80.

One of the special qualifications the local Search and Rescue has is their ability to locate downed aircraft. This is a combination of equipment, training, and experience. Just last week they went through training at the airport on a possible plane crash to make sure that all emergency responders in the area are up to speed and prepared. Training like this helps them be prepared for real emergencies, since the training is set up so similar to actual occurrences. A few years ago they had another training for a possible plane crash in a cemetery adjacent to the airport, and a few days later almost that exact disaster unfortunately occurred - but Butte's emergency responders, including the 15-90 Search and Rescue were ready and able to address the situation quickly and efficiently. Their training includes small projects to large disasters, and include first aid, CPR, mountain searches, water rescue, and other situations, not just the airport disaster scenarios. They have training a couple times a month.

SAR also helps out with the various walks. Stayce is one of the members of the Butte MS Walk planning committee and helped to get Search and Rescue members there to be available should anything happen.

Stayce has been in Butte for 3 years, and has been involved with the 15-90 SAR for that time. She came from Tacoma, WA, where the searches they were involved in were somewhat different. As a woman, one of the tasks she was assigned during searches was to go door-to-door through gang territory to talk to residents. This is because women tend not to bring out the violence and territoriality that is trained into gang members, so having women go canvass these areas was usually safer than having men do that.

Stayce M., 15-90 Search and Rescue
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