Silver Bow Kiwanis

Silver Bow Kiwanis Kiwanis Club Meeting, Dec 1, '15

12:00-1:00 Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Butte Perkins
2900 Harrison Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

Today we were joined by David from the Circle K.

Cathy reminded us that it is national day of giving, so consider making a donation to an organization you care about.

Keith reminded us that tomorrow the Circle K is having a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings. Remember to bring your vouchers so a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Holiday Cares Program. Tomorrow at noon the Key Club is having a board meeting in the dorm at Central High. Builders' Club is meeting at 12:30 in Miss Tutty's room at Butte Central Middle School. Thursday at 11:56 Key Club is meeting at Central High in the library. This is the date that butter braided bread orders are due in. Circle K is meeting next Monday at Muddy Creek Brewery for their Holiday Care drawing and their Christmas Social. Drink purchases that night will have a portion donated to the Holiday Care program.

Paul let us know that next Tuesday, the Butte Public Library Foundation is having a Drink Like You Mean It fundraiser at Headframe Spirits, $1 per drink will be donated to the Library Foundation.

Doug let us know that in honor of National AIDS awareness day, BASS has their Christmas ornaments available again. Ornaments are $10 each. Talk to Doug to get yours!

Betsy let us know that this Saturday there is a Key Leader fundraiser in Anaconda.

Shawn again reminded us of the Thompsons Food Drive this Saturday. The Food Bank needs sorters from 11-4.

And Kt let us know about the Board Meeting this Thursday at 5:15pm at Metals.

Shawn then introduced Ron Davis. Ron was one of three community leaders to start pushing back on the State, the EPA, and Arco to get the headwaters of Silver Bow Creek cleaned up. The State offered to build a $30 Million museum here if the three of them would quit making waves about the headwaters contamination. Instead, the three, now the Silver Bow Creek Coalition, decided to file suit against the State, Arco, and the EPA.

On advice of their attorney, they decided to take a single tack, and sue the State over the incorrect renaming of the upper stretch of Silver Bow Creek where it passes through Butte to "Metro Storm Drain." While this was designated as a storm drain, no cleanup was necessary. However, changing the name of a State Waterway requires a series of public hearings, and changing the status from a waterway to something else requires additional process. None of this process was met. This illegal renaming is what the Silver Bow Creek Coalition filed suit over.

Former Governor Schweitzer wanted to declare the cleanup complete so that the remaining funds in the Silver Bow Creek Cleanup fund could be turned over to the State to form a "Schweitzer Parks Fund" for communities across Montana to use the money to build parks, as long as they were named "Schweitzer" park in some way. Ron Colins of the Montana Attorney General's Office thought the money shouldn't be wasted on Butte, since Butte brought this problem on itself, but that the money should be spent elsewhere in the state. And Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock repeatedly blocked earlier agreements between the State and the Silver Bow Creek Coalition. One of the big points that the State disagreed with was that if the State and the Silver Bow Creek Coalition settled out of court, the State needed to pay Silver Bow Creek Coalition's attorney $25,000.

When it went to court, the State paid their own attorney $25,000 just to handle the filings and proceedings. The same amount they refused to pay for the Silver Bow Creek Coalition's attorney.

After several years, this suit finally was decided, and Judge Newman found against the State on all 18 of the State's arguments. The Judge's opinion on this is very clear and very thorough, and cited the core of the Silver Bow Creek Coalition's argument: why should three citizens have to take on the role of the County, the State, and the EPA and fight to protect the citizens and businesses of Butte.

One piece of fallout of this is that with the court's finding, the State now has to pay all of the Silver Bow Creek Coalition's attorney's fees - roughly $78,000. The State has delayed this payment until the next legislative budget cycle.

Ron Davis, Silver Bow Creek Lawsuit
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